1984, 10'2" X 41" X 18", WOOD, PAINT, STEEL, ACRYLIC & COLD-CATHODE.
is part of an ongoing series of personage pieces. It is quite macabre – a subject that most mainstream artists avoid. Frances Bacon dared. At over 10 feet tall, many people will be reminded of Darth Vader. But my story is different if you look at all the forensic evidence. Although made in 1984, Vector may also remind viewers of that iconic Abu –Graib photo of the cloaked and wired prisoner. That would be closer to my intention, but not the whole story I am suggesting. There is an indication that the figure has an open cloak, such as Dracula would wear. There are obvious ribs, which are connected – stitched? by a wire frame. The arms are too short and the hands too mechanical to be entirely human. But they appear to be involved in the wire weaving. Is it sewing itself together? At the top of the wire frame is a triangular shape that could be an antennae – is it receiving or broadcasting? There is also a depiction of a pelvis that is tipped forward and open – mostly apparent from the side view. When people loose a lot of weight, they often demonstrate it by pulling the waistband forward to show the volume loss. That could be the case here, or more convincingly, of an evisceration. Finally, the neon tubes are either penetrating the eyes or they represent a gaze down and through its being. A mystery is presented, but there is no answer because what we are seeing is in a process. While there is evidence of death, there is also evidence of self-construction.
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