1985, 51" X 9'1" X 2", WOOD, PAINT, NEON & STEEL.
"Carrier" may be one of the first sculptures that were influenced by the radar cloaking jet fighters and bombers. Like a number of other sculptures to follow, its form combines a place – a floating architecture - with the life form that would inhabit that place. Viewed from the front, it is primarily architectural with what could be vent stacks or sound horns protruding from the top. Just like architecture, it appears to have or house an interior that we glimpse through various slits. It is quite structural in a science fiction factory sort of way. The interior is mostly given over to tubes of light so its resident would most likely be a spider. Indeed, a spider palace! From the side everything gets a different interpretation. Here it appears as a bird with its beak down, its feet up in the air and its wings stretched out. Although not literal, it could be a bird of prey, a Condor swooping down to catch something.
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